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August 19, 2018

Sunday, August 19, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. at Brandywine Towne Center

  • Call to Order  President Frank Lusch called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.
  • Minutes from the February 11, 2018 Meeting – were distributed and accepted as prepared.
  • Treasurer’s Report – as presented by Al Sordi was accepted unanimously. The checkbook balance as of 8/18/18 was $5,647.71.  A copy of the report was distributed at the meeting.  Al explained that Delaware reimburses the Civic Association for snow removal exceeding 4 inches on a sliding scale percentage of amount paid.  About 60% of Northcrest residents have paid this year’s $30 dues.  It was suggested that follow-ups should be made with residents who are in arrears.

Old Business


  • Poor condition of a house on Chinchilla Drive Frank stays in touch with the local branch of a Dallas Bank who owns the property. They told him they are preparing it to rent.


  • Monument Sign Henderson Landscaping maintains the monument monthly. Earlier in the year they needed to replace a shrub damaged by a vehicle.  They will change plants in the fall and decorate with lights for the holidays.  Monument spotlights remain in good condition.


  • Snow Removal There were complaints from residents about poor salting of ice during this winter season by another contractor.  Henderson submitted a bid to remove snow from Northcrest streets for the 2019 winter season.  Frank Lusch explained that Henderson has two plow trucks and has been contracted by the nearby Afton development also.  There was a unanimous vote to accept Henderson’s proposal with a few minor modifications to be discussed by Frank for the 2019 winter season.


  • Abandoned Car in Development  Frank explained that a second abandoned car was parked in Northcrest. Authorities were notified and the car was subsequently moved.


  • Spring  Development Wide Garage Sale  Trish Breidenbach, Chairwoman, reported that a few of the shoppers at the sale mentioned there were fewer Northcrest sellers this year. There was discussion of installing an additional sign or two at the exits of the neighborhood and possibly at the Marsh and Zebley intersection for next year’s sale.


  • New Business


  • Elected Officers  The following officers were nominated and unanimously elected:


President Frank Lusch

Vice President Gineen Brockson

Treasurer Al Sordi

Secretary Mary Sordi


Anyone interested in becoming an officer should contact Frank Lusch.


  • General Open Comments and Concerns
    Road work and pipe protrusion on Marsh Road were mentioned. Follow up is going to be made with local officials.


  • Projected Next Meeting November 2018.




Prepared by Mary Sordi, Secretary