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New Castle County Complaint Department


Be aware of what constitutes a code violation and be a contributor to a clean and safe neighborhood!
1. Grass and weeds over eight (8) inches in height
2. Vehicles and boats parked on the lawn
3. Inoperable and/or unregistered vehicle
4. Junk, debris, stored on the exterior of the property
5. Trash and garbage, not in proper containers
6. Property Maintenance Violations; Items in disrepair, i.e. doors, windows, roofing, interior leaks, peeling paint etc.
7. Dog/Animal feces not picked up daily
8. Household items stored outside (old appliances,etc.)
9. Accessory Structures in disrepair (shed, fence, etc.)
10. Bushes and hedges not trimmedPlease call our Customer Relations and Assistance Office at (302) 395-5555 to report these and other violations of the New Castle County Property Maintenance Code.

Crime and Vandalism Reporting and Mapping 

New Castle County Services

Blood Bank

Dues are $5 per member per year. One membership covers the entire family (spouse and tax-dependents). Senior citizens receive special discounts. After the first year, annual dues are just $2 for those 65 or older.

Group Membership Information – Our association has a group membership plan. Please contact Al Sordi (475-6691) for more information and registration brochures.