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August 28, 2016

  • Minutes from May 1, 2016 Meeting – were accepted.


  • Treasurer’s Report – as presented by Al Sordi was accepted unanimously. The checkbook balance at 8/27/16 was $6,695.37. Al reported that during the four preceding months Northcrest Civic Association paid $167 electricity charges for three sets of lights and $175 for landscaping at the entrance.


  • Guest Speaker – State Representative Sean Matthews explained the planned redevelopment of the closed steel mill in Claymont. A new train station is proposed near the intersection of Naamans Road and Philadelphia Pike and an old building will be repurposed as a health facility.


Sean mentioned the current emphasis on walkability throughout the state.  He and President Frank Lusch are going to speak to the Delaware Department of Transportation (DEL DOT) to request the installation of sidewalks on Marsh Road around the Zebley Road intersection and extending over to Naamans Road.  They also plan to ask DEL DOT about the possibility of installing a third stop sign at the Marsh and Zebley intersection.


  • Unfinished Business


  • Northcrest Park Information – President Frank Lusch plans to meet with Paul Johnson in the New Castle County Parks Department during the next two weeks. Water and drainage issues need to be addressed before moving forward with any improvements.  Topics to be discussed:  future feasibility, timeline, budget, and desired features.


  • Property at the “Y” Intersection – of Zebley and Marsh. Frank spoke with the contractor, Glen Precksel, who has requested zoning approval to construct three, four bedroom homes on the lot.


  • Northcrest Entrance Sign – Larry Schenk will replace the light fixtures in the next few weeks.

Henderson continues to do major maintenance on the monument.  Frank thanked the residents who invest their time to clean and weed the lot.


  • Flashing Lights at the Zebley Road Bus Stop – Frank explained that DEL DOT would be open to timed flashing lights when school buses are present, if a traffic pattern study demonstrated a need.


  • Northcrest Home Sales – Frank mentioned that homes continue to sell with low turnaround time.


  • New Business


  • Officers for 2017 – There were no nominations for new officers. Present officers were reelected:


                             President – Frank Lusch                                  Treasurer – Al Sordi

Vice President – Marilyn Letts                          Secretary – Mary Sordi


  • Snow removal – Bravo and Henderson submitted bids for snow removal. Motion made and approved to accept Bravo’s bid.


  • 2017 Dues – will be $15. If additional funds are required for a severe snow season, a second invoice will be issued.


  • Area Representatives are needed for some parts of Northcrest. Ann Long and Linda Tutlo volunteered to cover some additional areas.


  • Next TENTATIVE Meeting- November 2016



11/18/16                                                                                              Prepared by Mary Sordi, Secretary