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February 11, 2018

Sunday, February 11, 2018, at 1:00 p.m. at Brandywine Towne Center


  • Call to Order President Frank Lusch called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.


  • Minutes from the October, 2017 Meeting – were distributed and accepted as prepared.


  • Treasurer’s Report – as presented by Al Sordi was accepted unanimously. The checkbook balance as of 2/10/18 was $3,523.72.  A copy of the report was distributed at the meeting.


  • Old Business


  • Dead Tree in Northcrest Park remains as is.


  • Poor condition of a house on Chinchilla Drive Some maintenance and repair work continues. The aesthetics are improving. Frank had determined that a local branch of a Dallas Bank owns the property.  It appears that no one presently is residing there.


  • Monument Sign  The monument was artfully decorated with live greens this year instead of artificial wreaths. Frank mentioned that he is storing the Christmas lights for use next year.  Unfortunately, over the holidays a car did run into a shrub at the Northcrest sign.


  • Snow Removal The contract will be reevaluated next season. There were complaints from residents about poor salting of ice. Chinchilla Drive between Walter and Wrexham received no salt at all during one of the storms, according to residents attending the meeting.  Frank emphasized again at this meeting that it is imperative to move cars off the streets when snow is forecast and to keep drains clear so that the melting snow can flow through.


  • New Business


  • Spring  Development Wide Garage Sale Frank is going to ask Trish Breidenbach if she would be willing to coordinate a Northcrest garage sale again this year. The event she headed last year was a great success and provided residents an opportunity to sell unwanted clothing and household items.


  • Abandoned Car in Development Several residents advised Frank that there was an abandoned car on Northcrest Drive. Some identified the situation through the use of the “Next Door Community” App.  Police were notified, and the car was subsequently moved.


  • Northcrest Civic Association Dues  It was decided to issue invoices for 2018 dues in the amount of $30 per home. One or two snow or ice storms this winter could seriously deplete available funds.  The State of Delaware only assists with snow removal costs when the depth of snow reaches four inches.


  • General Open Comments and Concerns
  • Opioid Crisis Sadly drug issues have been involved in the death of two residents. Frank suggested calling the non-emergency police phone number if suspicious activity is noticed in the neighborhood.  An example he cited would be a transaction occurring between two vehicles driving into the development and parking near each other for a few minutes.


  • Projected Next Meeting  June 2018.



Prepared by Mary Sordi, Secretary