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November 20, 2016

  • Minutes from August 28, 2016 Meeting – were accepted.


  • Treasurer’s Report – as presented by Al Sordi was accepted unanimously. The checkbook balance at 11/20/16 was $6,455.91. Al reported that during the three preceding months Northcrest Civic Association paid $124.50 electricity charges for lighting in the park, at the entrance sign, and at the intersection of Walter and Marsh Roads.


  • Unfinished Business


  • Northcrest Park Information “ Representatives for the New Castle County Parks Department cancelled planned meetings to discuss renovations of our community park. Water and drainage issues need to be addressed before moving forward with any improvements.  Potential unknown effects of County Executive election were mentioned.


  • Northcrest Entrance Sign “ Larry Schenk replaced the light fixtures. Unfortunately within a week the timer for the four fixtures was disrupted by someone.  Larry was contacted to repair.  Henderson continues major maintenance of the monument and will be decorating it for the holidays.


  • Flashing Lights at the Zebley Road Bus Stop – President Frank Lusch explained a Traffic Pattern Study is underway. Results and recommendations should be available during the first quarter 2017.


  • Northcrest Home Sales “ Frank said two homes were for sale. Typically turnaround time is low in the development.


  • New Business


  • Snow removal “ Bravo asked to be relieved from this year’s s snow contract because of medical considerations. Henderson submitted a bid for snow removal services, and Frank is expecting a bid from another contractor who plows Afton.


  • 2017 Dues “ will be $15. If additional funds are required for a severe snow season, a second invoice will be issued.


  • Vehicles “ A resident mentioned that two cars were broken into on Chinchilla Drive. Frank emphasized it was important to move vehicles off the streets when snow was expected.


  • Elected Officials “ Frank Lusch mentioned that reelected officials Weiner, Cloutier, and Matthews have been very supportive of the Northcrest community.


  • Next TENTATIVE Meeting- March 2017


03/21/17 Prepared by Mary Sordi, Secretary