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October 21, 2017

Sunday, October 1, 2017, at 1:00 p.m. at Brandywine Towne Center


  • Call to Order – President Frank Lusch called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.


  • Minutes from the July 9, 2017 Meeting – were accepted as prepared.


  • Treasurer’s Report – as presented by Al Sordi was accepted unanimously. The checkbook balance as of 10/1/17 was $5,484.73.  A copy of the report was distributed at the meeting.


  • Old Business


  • Dead Tree in Northcrest Park  After numerous calls to officials, it remains as is.  Frank intends to follow-up with the County stating that we prefer not to cut down the tree ourselves.  Water and drainage issues still need to be addressed before moving forward with any improvements in the park.


  • Poor condition of a house on Chinchilla Drive  Maintenance and improvement work is currently being performed, according to residents attending the meeting. Frank determined that a local branch of a Dallas Bank owns the property, and he is trying to reach them to discuss the poor condition of grounds and shrubbery and the detrimental effects on the Northcrest community.


  • Monument Sign  Monument looks good and lights on both sides are working since replacements were installed in the spring by neighborhood electrician, John Ladd. Henderson Landscaping will maintain shrubbery and monument grounds monthly.


  • Zebley Road Follow-Up  After the Delaware Department of Transportation (Del DOT) study was performed last year not much has been done except for cutting trees and shrubbery that blocked traffic visibility. Frank intends to follow-up with Representative Sean Matthews and Senator Cathy Cloutier.


  • New Construction Roadway Information  Three new homes will be constructed on Marsh Road near the Zebley Road intersection with a $500,000+ selling price. The builder is very responsive to the community and answers inquiries.  Some residents mentioned last meeting that it would be desirable to have sidewalks constructed from there, past the Brandywine Little League Ball Park to Naamans Road, but there appears to be no plans to do so.


  • New Business


  • Snow Removal  Frank has received two contract quotes and is expecting a third. Ed of Brandywine Turf Management did a good job last year.  Frank has installed markers for the fire hydrants and drains.  He emphasized that drains must be kept open so that the melting snow can flow through.  There was much discussion concerning the placement of plowed snow in the courts.


  • General Open Comments and Concerns


  • Northcrest Dues Invoices – As a result of attendee discussion, it was decided that the next Civic Association Dues invoice would be issued in January. There is a greater response rate when residents realize the funds are needed for snow and ice removal.


  • Projected Next Meeting  January 2018.


02/09/2018 Prepared by Mary Sordi, Secretary